Dragon’s Tale is a role-play online Bitcoin gambling site that designed a new approach enabling players to discover a virtual world full of casino mini-games. Dragon’s Tale is currently the only Bitcoin Casino where players can enjoy a good old-fashioned role-play game and at the same time have fun gambling in the most original casino games.
Dragon’s Tale is the most original Bitcoin Casino you can find. It is the home of a magnificent 3D virtual world where you can find hundreds of casino games like you never seen before. The casino was launched in 2012, making it one of the oldest in the industry. Since then it became quite known because it was the first to introduce the role-play genre in the gambling scene.
Dragon’s Tale is the place where you can role-play and gamble at the same time. It was the first Bitcoin Casino that started to offer a completely new way of gambling for those who are tired of playing the same old casino games.

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