Depend on local experts to craft the perfect private tour, custom tour or shore excursion in China! your private tour guide helps you do everything according to your interests. Shenzhen is also one of the region’s major air hubs. The Shenzhen Bao’an Airport is connected to downtown Shenzhen via metro line number one and is about a Rmb100 ride from central Futian by taxi. Because of their close proximity, many travellers arrive in Shenzhen via Hong Kong or Guangzhou airports. Shenzhen is easily accessible from Guangzhou by train and in the case of Hong Kong by subway, ferry or if you are Gordon Gekko, helicopter. you could look here to learn more

Option 2: Let some Chinese friend to reserve ticket on your behalf through Advance ticket reservation period is 20 days maximum. To reserve a ticket through this website, you should have a local bank account as the website doesn’t accept a foreign credit card from overseas. The website doesn’t provide ticket delivery services and you will have to collect ticket yourself after your arrival to Shenzhen. A related identity card is required to collect a ticket. In theory, you can pick up the ticket any time before the train departure even though it’s advised to collect ticket at least 2 hours in advance.

Once you have taken the dog on board of the luggage car, you can then go to the passenger car to take relaxation. You are allowed to pay visits to the dog during the trip. You should return to the luggage car to take your dog 30 minutes before the arrival. The staff of China Railway Express will transport your dog to their business hall. There, you can pick the dog with related certificates.

There is a trial of endurance though. For an hour from Hong Kong’s Central to the border via Lok Ma Chau, intrepid visitors will find themselves relentlessly pressed up against elbows-out pedestrians and umbrella-jabbing grannies. The wide tree-lined boulevards and big open public spaces of Shenzhen will come as a huge relief. And surprise. I descended into the city’s clean, comprehensive and efficient subway system, followed the clear English signage to my train and saw a youth get up to give his seat to a woman with a baby.

After breakfast at the hotel, you will drive to Guangzhou. Upon arrival, you will visit Chen Clan Academy, which is built at the end of Qing Dynasty and was completed in the year of 1894, which is famous for its exquisite decoration and craftsmanship. And then take a picture stop at Canton TV Tower, a new landmark building of Guangzhou city. It is the highest TV tower in the world which is 600 meter in height. You can get a panoramic view of the spectacular city landscape on the tourist hall at the top of the tower. At last free shopping at Shang Xia Jiu shopping Street, a beautiful picture of a collection of Xiguan style.

Making waves in Shenzhen is the new-to-Asia brand from Hyatt for comfortable, value, mid-end stays, Hyatt Place Shenzhen Dongmen Situated in the Dongmen Shopping Centre in Luohu District This is an older area that has undergone gradual redevelopment. The hotel is close to two railway lines offering access to both the airport as well as the Futian Business District. The home-away-from-home concept employs comfy curl-in sofas, soft carpets and relaxed lighting.